do i need a wedding videographer

A wedding is the most sacred, and special moment for you, and your loved ones. To capture this special moment, take the best moments of it and hold onto it forever, it is best to have a wedding videographer and photographer.

There are many benefits of hiring a videographer, and also the reasons behind it, even with the added expenses. So, do I need a wedding videographer? Here are the benefits and reasons for it.

We understand, that wedding can be tedious, and perhaps one of the most expensive expenditures you can get, and hiring a professional wedding videographer can become tedious, as it is an added expense.

Well, if you have the budget for it, and wondering whether you would need the service of a wedding videographer, here are the biggest benefits of hiring one, and the reasons behind it.

5 Benefits of Hiring a Professional Wedding Videographer

Photos provide an image that captures the moment and will keep it on hold forever, however, videography will capture the amazing movements, the sound, and moments that will live on forever in the wedding film.

With the precious wedding film, you will now be able to hear the precious atmosphere, recollect the amazing moments in your life, and capture every moment you will remember once in a lifetime.

Be it your spouse’s grasp, and laughter, your parent’s toast, mom’s laughter or tear of happiness, your amazing friend’s laughter, and many precious moments that you want to capture. With videographers, there are so many benefits you can otherwise miss if you just capture it through photos.

So, to answer the question of Do I need a wedding videographer, let’s take a look at a few benefits of hiring a videographer.

1. Capture the movements, emotions, sounds, and the merry atmosphere of your wedding

Wedding videographers can capture movements, sounds of cheer and laughter, a merry atmosphere at your weddings, and emotions in the faces of your loved ones. Still, images will only capture one moment in time, while the videographer can capture the entire atmosphere, and the entire time, both in movement, sounds, and atmosphere.

You must hire a professional wedding videographer that able to capture and encapsulate the emotional faces in the video, not just capture the raw footage of your wedding. A professional wedding videographer can edit your wedding video, adding emotional music to set the tone, and will truly tell the story of your beautiful wedding day.

You will be able to witness your spouse in her glory, seeing your friends cheering on you, and your parents happily chatting with guests. With an extra touch from a wedding videographer, you can even able to capture the wedding venue from the above POV, using a drone. Let your wedding videography be creative, and capture the video and turn it into beautiful art, a memorable video.

groom and his daughter at wedding
dog at wedding

2. Videos are easy to share

Nowadays, you can share your photos and videos on your social media, such as Instagram, and Facebook, and thanks to the service of professional wedding videographers now you can upload wedding videos on any social media, including YouTube, and Instagram. Now, you will be able to easily share your precious, artistic, and beautiful wedding videos for everyone to see.

Your wedding videographer can also provide you with beautiful short clips, create short clips for your social media, and make the best of pre-wedding videos. Now, you can also let your family or friends that can’t attend your wedding can still feel the atmosphere and merriment of your wedding.

3. You can see everything, and record everything on your special day

On your wedding day, you will be busy with your spouse, and perhaps won’t be able to see everything, and hear everything, but your videographer will capture it all for you, so you will be able to see everything. Your wedding day might be quick, but a memorable one, and you will want to make sure to see, and hear everything precious on your wedding day.

You will be able to see your bride when walking in the wedding gown, see your parents in a tear, and see your friends cheering and dancing. Your videographer can capture all of these moments on film, allowing you to watch everything from beginning to end.

Having a videographer will present you with a fuller picture, and these moments are priceless compared with the value, worth, and price of hiring a videographer.

bali wedding cinematic

4. Memorable keepsake for your children

Videos last forever, capturing every moment, sound, and emotion to keep it forever. With the help of a wedding videographer, now you can create beautiful mementos of your wedding days, as a memorable keepsakes you can show to your future children. You will be able to show your children the day you tie the knots, showing them the beautiful moment of your life.

Even when you can’t hang the video on your wall, like with the wedding photos, you can always watch the special wedding videos on your phones, and laptops, and keep them in your precious files. Wedding videos will be very important keepsakes of your family to show to your child and future grandchildren.

5. Be Creative with your videos

When you are being questioned do I need a wedding videographer? Well, the answers depend, on whenever you want to also capture the videos, and create wedding movies. Nowadays, many people are also hiring wedding photographers, and wedding videographers to create one big album of both photos and wedding movies.

Your videographer can be creative, create wedding movies, and concept your wedding to make sure you will have beautiful mementos during the most beautiful time of your life.

So, do you need a wedding videographer? Yes, absolutely.

If you are looking for a professional wedding videographer on Bali Island, to create beautiful wedding videos, or make video movies for you and your spouse, then you have come to the right place. Here, we offer you the professional services of a wedding videographer, for you just in Bali wedding videography. See our wedding videography portfolio to know what we could provide you with.

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